Review the GO Virginia Grant Guidelines and Rules for what you need to know before applying. These guidelines and rules apply to all grants.


Use the Preliminary Application form below to discuss the details of your project with Region 6 staff.


Complete the appropriate grant application and related attachments in the portal.

Tip: Be sure to discuss your application with Region 6 staff early to avoid delays or rework.

Online Grant Application Submission Portal

Region 6 uses an online application portal powered by Good Grants to streamline the submission process. Click here to access the portal.

Deadlines & Timelines
  • Upcoming Implementation and Statewide Competitive project application due date: August 23, 2024.
  • Upcoming Planning Grant project application due date: August 16, 2024
  • Region 6 Timelines for Grant Approval

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Target Sector
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Are two localities meaningfully participating in the project?
Is your match at least half the value of the GO Virginia request?
For implementation projects, are 20% of your total matching funds from local sources?

Timelines for Implementation and Statewide Competitive Grants

Application StageCY24 Round 3 Upcoming Deadlines/TimeframesCY24 Round 4 Upcoming Deadlines/Timeframes
Applicant Submits Initial Project Review Form By Noon5/24/248/23/24
Initial Project Review Call, ideally with Two Council Members on Workgroup5/27-5/31/248/26-8/30/24
Applicant Works on Application6/3-6/20/249/3-9/19/24
Applicant Submits Final Application6/21/249/20/24
Review by Workgroup Representatives6/24-6/28/249/23-9/27/24
Review of Final Application by Staff and Two Council Members7/1-7/3/249/30-10/4/24
Applicant Responds to Questions; Sends Final Application with Tracked Changes By Noon7/12/2410/11/24
Staff Writes Final Comments7/15/2410/14/24
Application Sent to Full Council7/19/2410/16/24
Regional Council Meeting7/22/2410/21/24
Applicant Submits Any Updates by Noon in Grant Portal7/30/202410/30/2024
GWRC Submits Approved Applications to DHCD BY Noon8/2/2411/1/24
State Board Workgroup Review8/12-8/16/2411/11-11/15/24
State Board Feedback Loop8/19-8/23/2411/18-11/29/24
State Board Meeting (Applications Considered for Final Approval)9/10/2412/10/24

Timelines for Planning Grants

Application StageCY24 Round 6 Upcoming Deadlines/TimeframesCY24 Round 7 Upcoming Deadlines/TimeframesCY24 Round 8 Upcoming Deadlines/Timeframes
Initial Project Review Call4/22/2024-4/26/20248/26/2024-8/30/202410/21/2024-10/25/2024
Applicant Works on Application7/26/2024-8/16/20249/2/2024-9/20/202410/25/2024-11/15/2024
Applicant Submits Final Application8/16/20249/20/202411/15/2024
Review of Final Application8/19/2024-8/23/20249/23/2024-9/27/202411/18/2024-11/22/2024
Applicant Sends Final Application8/30/202410/4/202411/29/2024
Staff Writes Final Comments9/3/202410/8/202412/3/2024
Application Sent to Executive Committee9/4/202410/9/202412/4/2024
Executive Committee/Regional Council Meeting9/9/202410/14/202412/9/2024
Applicant Submits Any Updates by Noon in Grant Portal9/18/202410/16/202412/18/2024
Approved Applications to DHCD9/20/202410/21/202412/20/2024