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Fast Facts – $100,000 maximum, match must be at least equal to 50% of the GO Virginia request (EX: GO Virginia Request $100,000, Match $50,000), no local match requirement


 Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8Round 9Round 10Round 11Round 12
Initial Project Review Call11/14/22-11/18/2212/19/22-12/23/221/23/23-1/27/232/20/23-2/24/233/27/23-3/31/234/24/23-4/28/235/22/23-5/26/236/26/23-6/30/237/24/23-7/28/238/28/23-9/1/239/25/23-9/29/2310/23/23-10/27/23
Applicant Works on Application11/18/22-12/16/2212/23/22-1/20/231/27/23-2/17/232/24/23-3/17/233/31/23-4/21/234/28/23-5/19/235/26/23-6/16/236/30/23-7/21/237/28/23-8/18/239/1/23-9/22/239/29/23-10/20/2310/27/23-11/17/23
Applicant Submits Final Application by Noon12/16/221/20/232/17/233/17/234/21/235/19/236/16/237/21/238/18/239/22/2310/20/2311/17/23
Review of Final Application by Staff and Two Council Members12/19/22-12/23/221/23/23-1/27/232/20/23-2/24/233/20/23-3/34/234/24/23-4/28/235/22/23-5/26/236/19/23-6/23/237/24/23-7/28/238/21/23-8/25/239/25/23-9/29/2310/23/23-10/27/2311/20/23-11/22/23
Applicant Sends Final Application12/30/222/3/233/3/233/31/235/5/236/2/236/30/238/4/239/1/2310/6/2311/3/2312/1/23
Staff Writes Final Comments1/3/232/6/233/6/234/3/235/8/236/5/237/5/238/7/239/5/238/10/2311/6/2312/4/23
Application Sent to Regional Council/Executive Committee1/4/232/8/233/8/234/5/235/10/236/7/237/6/238/9/239/6/238/11/2311/8/2312/6/23
Executive Committee Meeting1/9/232/13/233/13/234/10/235/15/236/12/237/10/238/14/239/11/2310/16/2311/13/2312/11/23
GWRC Submits Approved Applications to DHCD1/20/232/17/233/17/234/21/235/19/236/16/237/21/238/18/239/15/2310/20/2311/17/2312/15/23

ECB Purpose

Prior to approving regional project grants, applicants are likely to want to validate how to translate the prioritized needs and opportunities from their Growth and Diversification plans into actionable grant requests. Such an effort would develop platforms to support various collaborative approaches, increase efficiency, provide a deeper and consistent level of support, assess and reduce risk, and provide more focus about how broad concepts outlined in the plans become actual programs.

Such activities would also create the opportunity for regions to share information on best practices and validated platforms that may lead to more collaboration and future grant requests with similar goals. Such activities, known as enhanced capacity building, are intended to examine how a subsequent future project grant request will be supported through the creation of this platform. In any application for enhanced capacity building, an inventory of existing programs with similar goals, gaps in current programs that the proposed project will fill, the resources and structures needed to ensure the success of the enhanced capacity building initiative, and an exploration of how the enhanced capacity building effort could contribute to the success of associated future grant requests, should be detailed by the applicant.

Even if enhanced capacity building funds are not requested, any proposed project should identify what efforts have been made, or will be made, to undertake a risk assessment of the likelihood of the success of the project prior to implementation funds being drawn upon. Additionally, any proposed grant requests should indicate a plan for how they will demonstrate that they are sustainable after the grant funds from the Board are exhausted.

Project applications solely for enhanced capacity building as a phase independent from, but in anticipation of, future grant requests, will be accepted. Proposed enhanced capacity building efforts which have the ability to be successfully replicated or used across multiple grant requests and/or regions will receive special consideration by the Board in allocating grants. Further, it is understood that any return on investment analysis for enhanced capacity building efforts will be different from that for other collaborative grant requests.