Before beginning a Planning Grant application, please contact GO Virginia Region 6 Program Director, Ian Ginger at

Fast Facts – $100,000 maximum, match is 1:1 (for every GO Virginia dollar requested, applicant must provide a matched dollar), no local match requirement.

Planning Grant Guidance

GO Virginia Planning Grants (formerly Enhanced Capacity Building or ECB Grants) are intended to build regional capacity for project development and implementation. Planning grants are awarded to planning projects and pilot projects. Regions are limited to allocating $250,000 per fiscal year towards planning grants.

Included below is a list of allowable activities for GO Virginia Planning Grant Applications. Please note that an application may propose multiple activities as part of one grant request.

1) Planning: includes activities such as development of a feasibility study, need analysis and prioritization, strategy development activities, a business plan, etc. Planning work should determine whether a future GO Virginia investment is feasible or determine industry demand to validate any future GO Virginia implementation grants. Activities will generate one or more products, such as a business plan or strategic plan.

2) Pilots: conduct small-scale pilots or proof of concept work to strengthen relationships and produce preliminary data for a future GO Virginia implementation grant. Activities may generate one or more core GO Virginia grant outcomes.

Note: Planning activities related to site development and broadband require a separate application.


2024 Planning Grant Timeline

Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7 Round 8
Initial Project Review Call11/13/2023-11/17/20231/22/2024-1/26/20242/19/2024-2/23/20244/22/2024-4/26/20245/20/2024-5/24/20247/22/2024-7/26/20248/26/2024-8/30/202410/21/2024-10/25/2024
Applicant Works on Application11/17/2023-12/15/20231/26/2024-2/16/20242/23/2024-3/15/20244/26/2024-5/17/20245/24/2024-6/14/20247/26/2024-8/16/20249/2/2024-9/20/202410/25/2024-11/15/2024
Applicant Submits Final Application 12/15/20232/16/20243/15/20245/17/20246/14/20248/16/20249/20/202411/15/2024
Review of Final Application12/18/2022-12/22/20232/19/2024-2/23/20243/18/2024-3/22/20245/20/2024-5/24/20246/17/2024-6/21/20248/19/2024-8/23/20249/23/2024-9/27/202411/18/2024-11/22/2024
Applicant Sends Final Application12/29/20233/1/20243/29/20245/31/20246/28/20248/30/202410/4/202411/29/2024
Staff Writes Final Comments1/2/20243/5/20244/2/20246/4/20247/1/20249/3/202410/8/202412/3/2024
Application Sent to Executive Committee1/3/20243/6/20244/3/20246/5/20247/3/20249/4/202410/9/202412/4/2024
Executive Committee/Regional Council Meeting1/8/20243/11/20244/8/20246/10/20247/8/20249/9/202410/14/202412/9/2024
Approved Applications to DHCD1/19/20243/22/20244/19/20246/21/20247/19/20249/20/202410/18/202412/20/2024