Before beginning a Satewide Competitive Grant application, please contact GO Virginia Region 6 Program Director, Ian Ginger at

Projects are multi-regional and are accessed at the regional and state level. These projects are not funded at a regional level, but from a separate state fund. Applicants applying for a Statewide Competitive Grant are required to submit an Initial Project Review to be approved by the Region 6 Executive Committee or Council before Region 6 will be involved in a Statewide Competitive Grant.

Fast Facts – no maximum on ask, match is 2:1 (for every $2 of GO Virginia money requested, applicant must provide a matched dollar), 20% of the match must be local match.


Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4
Applicant Submits Initial Project Review Form By Noon11/18/2202/24/2305/26/2308/25/23
Initial Project Review Call, ideally with Two Council Members on Workgroup11/21/22-11/22/2222/27/23-3/3/235/29/23-6/2/238/28/23-9/1/23
Applicant Works on Application11/22/22-12/22/223/3/23-3/24/236/2/23-6/23/239/1/23-9/22/23
Applicant Submits Final Application12/22/202203/24/2306/23/2309/22/23
Review by Workgroup Representatives12/27/22-12/30/223/27/23-3/31/236/26/23-6/30/239/25/23-9/29/23
Review of Final Application by Staff and Two Council Members1/3/23-1/6/234/3/23-4/7/237/5/23-7/7/2310/2/23-10/6/23
Applicant Responds to Questions; Sends Final Application with Tracked Changes By Noon01/13/2304/14/2307/14/2310/13/23
Staff Writes Final Comments01/16/2304/17/2307/17/2310/16/23
Application Sent to Full Council01/18/2304/19/2307/19/2310/18/23
Regional Council Meeting01/23/2304/24/2307/24/2310/23/23
GWRC Submits Approved Applications to DHCD02/03/2305/05/2308/04/2311/03/23
State Board Workgroup Review2/13/23-2/17/235/15/23-5/19/238/14/23-8/18/2311/13/23-11/17/23
State Board Feedback Loop2/20/23-2/28/235/22/23-5/30/238/21/23-8/29/2311/20/23-11/28/23
State Board Meeting (Applications Considered for Final Approval)03/14/2306/13/2309/12/2312/12/23

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