On October 17th, Good Jobs Here held its second event to create, measure, execute, and foster economic growth and job in creation in the Fredericksburg region.

Utilizing a GO Virginia grant, the George Washington Regional Commission partnered with leading local organizations to create a shared understanding of current data, analysis, strengths, and opportunities for this region.

Opening speaker, Dr. Linda Millsaps, recapped for the audience the first session, highlighting key points from Dr. Jim Johnson’s presentation about six disruptive demographics that as he described, “will change the U.S. and Virginia forever.”

Dr. Millsaps directed the audience to remember who they are as a region, what their collective vision is, and to understand where they are as a unit. Dr. Millsaps invited the audience to brainstorm individually what they needed out of these sessions and to recognize their individuality while understanding that each person has that, but collectively can work together as a whole.

Curry Roberts, president of the Fredericksburg Regional Alliance, introduced Dr. Lance Gentry from the University of Mary Washington to present his study, the 2019 Fredericksburg Region Commuter Workforce Study. Dr. Gentry presented to participants how commuting patterns around the region have changed since a previous study examining 2013 commuting patterns and what that means for the workforce of the region.

Janel Donohue, president of the Rappahannock United Way, presented an overview of the ALICE Report. This report represents those who are Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed, a part of the population who work hard and earn more than the official Federal Poverty Level, but less than the basic cost of living. Ms. Donohue showed participants how members of this population are negatively affected daily, and how that permeates into their professional lives.

After the presentations participants listened in on a panel discussion surrounding effective workforce development ideas throughout the region and new ideas on ways to move forward.

This session is the second in a three-part series. The final event is Thursday, November 21, 2019, at 8:00 am at the University of Mary Washington, Stafford Campus. To RSVP to this event check out: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/good-jobs-here-tickets-68517731379.