GO Virginia Region 6 will be accepting Initial Project Review Forms for regional Implementation Projects and Statewide Competitive Projects until COB August 14th.

Implementation projects can request GO Virginia funding for Entrepreneurial Activities, Regional Site Development, and Workforce Development that align with the Region 6’s Economic Growth & Diversification Plan and will have measurable outcomes. There is no cap on the amount of GO Virginia funding that can be requested for Implementation Projects. Matching funds must be at least equal to 50% of the GO Virginia request (EX: GO Virginia Request $100,000; Match $50,000) and no local match requirement under the current GO Virginia State Board Policy #11.

Statewide Competitive funds are a statewide discretionary pot of funding awarded by the GO Virginia Board on a competitive basis. These projects must all the requirements of a GO Virginia Enhanced Capacity Building grant or an Implementation Project, however, instead of a minimum of two localities, a minimum of two GO Virginia regions must collaborate together to apply. Applicants are encouraged to set up a meeting with Region 6 staff to discuss the project prior to submitting an Initial Project Review to the Executive Committee. Applicants are required to submit an Initial Project Review to the Executive Committee for approval, prior to creating a project with Region 6 involvement. All projects must be approved by the Regional Council before being submitted to the State Board.