Commercial Kitchen at Hull Springs

This project proposes a feasibility study for a commercial kitchen located at Longwood Hull Springs in Westmoreland County. Should the results of the study indicate that a commercial kitchen establishment would be feasible in the Northern Neck, the idea is to co-locate the facility in the dining hall at Longwood Hull Springs for food preparation for resident students and faculty members.

  • Statewide Project Theme: Entrepreneurial Activities
  • Region 6 Priority Industry Cluster: Manufacturing
  • GO Virginia Request: $50,000
  • Match: $50,000
  • Source of Match: US Department of Agriculture-Rural Development
  • Project Type: Enhanced Capacity Building
  • Localities: Westmoreland County and Northumberland County
  • How does this project create higher paying jobs? This project creates higher paying jobs by providing understanding the ecosystem in which food manufacturers can operate a commercial kitchen.