Establishing a RIoT Accelerator Program in the Rappahannock Regional Entrepreneur Ecosystem

This project will utilize GO Virginia funds to expand entrepreneurial support programs in the Rappahannock Region (Rapp Region). These programs include the proven RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP) and additional community-focused programming across the Rapp-Region, housed in the technology-based Virginia Smart Community Testbed in Stafford. The Testbed is an initiative spearheaded by the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) and Stafford to foster and create new Smart Technologies and attract the entrepreneurs that develop them in Virginia. In partnership with CIT, GO Virginia will seed fund a Technology Specialist for the Testbed. The Specialist will coordinate entrepreneurial opportunities in the Testbed and seed funds to foster pilot project for entrepreneurs. Together with the local RIoT VA-RAP Lead, they will play an integral part in the project. The VA-RAP Lead works with entrepreneurs around their entire business, including revenue, hiring and capital growth while the Tech Specialist advises on the technology-side and integrating entrepreneurs into pilot projects or with other tech companies connected to the Testbed. Go Virginia funds will be used to pay for a portion of salaries, equipment, outreach, and workshops.

  • Statewide Project Theme: Entrepreneurial Activities
  • Region 6 Priority Industry Cluster: Information/Data Centers and Professional/Scientific/Technical Services
  • GO Virginia Request: $215,000
  • Match: $204,500
  • Source of Match: Stafford County (cash & in-kind); City of Fred (in-kind); King George County (cash & in-kind); RIOT; CIT
  • Project Type: Implementation
  • Localities: City of Fredericksburg, Caroline, King George, Stafford, Spotsylvania
  • How does this project create higher paying jobs? This project creates higher paying jobs by providing training to companies to grow their businesses in high growth sectors.