Fredericksburg Region Cyber & Smart Tech Entrepreneurial Development Program

This project initiates a to assess the market demand for a Cyber and Smart Tech Entrepreneur program and the capacity of Stafford County’s Economic Development Authority and Economic Development and Tourism Department to deliver such a program. GO Virginia funds will be utilized for the hiring of a consultant, R!OT, to understand the current ecosystem and plan ways to move it forward.

  • Statewide Project Theme: Entrepreneurial Activities
  • Region 6 Priority Industry Cluster: Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  • GO Virginia Request: $97,500
  • Match: $75,000
  • Source of Match: Stafford County EDA, Stafford County Economic Development and Tourism, City of Fredericksburg, and King George County, OST, Inc. R!OT, Cyber Bytes Foundation, UMW Stafford, Germanna Community College, UMW Economic Development Department, and CIT
  • Project Type: Enhanced Capacity Building
  • Localities: Stafford County, City of Fredericksburg, King George County
  • How does this project create higher paying jobs? This project creates higher paying jobs by providing understanding the ecosystem in which cyber entrepreneurs can build and grow in.