Northern Neck Sites, Buildings, and Infrastructure Study

This project will complete a site, building, and infrastructure study of the Northern Neck region. GO Virginia funding will be used to 1) review all inventory of sites and building in the region; 2) create a feasibility study for three potential commercial/industrial sites located in three counties; 3) complete an infrastructure capacity evaluation to address potential business growth in two localities.

  • Statewide Project Theme: Site Development
  • Region 6 Priority Industry Cluster: Professional, Scientific and Technical Services; Manufacturing
  • GO Virginia Request: $88,000
  • Match: $0
  • Source of Match: No match required
  • Localities: Northumberland County, Richmond County, Westmoreland County, Lancaster County
  • How does this project create higher paying jobs? This project creates higher paying jobs by providing a path to procuring the right facilities, appropriately sized, and located to achieve the higher-wage job growth in the priority industries.