RIoT Pre-Accelerator Program

The pre-accelerator program supports idea stage entrepreneurs with validating a market, establishing foundational business principles, and incorporating emerging technologies. The pre-accelerator includes bi-weekly in-person group workshops at the Stafford Smart Community Testbed with an option for virtual participation for those who prefer to join online. Content includes technology baselining, value proposition development, business fundamentals, and customer discovery and pipelining. Each idea-stage entrepreneur also receives bi-weekly 1-on-1 coaching, personalized to their specific needs. Participants exit the program with a clear understanding of next steps for establishing a business around a validated market opportunity. The expectation is that 60+% of pre-accelerator participants to become competitive RAP applicants at the completion of the pre-accelerator.

  • Statewide Project Theme: Entrepreneurial Activities
  • Region 6 Priority Industry Cluster: Information/Data Centers, Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  • GO Virginia Request: $96,807.00
  • Match: $80,791.00
  • Source of Match: RIoT, Stafford EDA
  • Project Type: Implementation
  • Localities: City of Fredericksburg, King George County, Stafford County
  • How does this project create higher-paying jobs? This project creates higher paying jobs by supporting new businesses who will then hire new employees. Our target is an average salary of $75k per job created. Most of the jobs created will be technology and software positions, which regularly command salaries in excess of $100,000.