GO Virginia Region 6 Seeks Project Ideas for Economic Resiliency and Recovery

The GO Virginia State Board has authorized the use of $14.66M in statewide competitive funds (FY20) to respond to the unprecedented economic conditions facing Virginia due to the near and long-term effects of the coronavirus on regional economies. This initiative will focus resources on economic resilience and recovery while staying true to the GO Virginia mission.

GO Virginia Region 6 has $800,000 to invest in the regional economy on projects that help the region recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

GO Virginia Region 6 is seeking applications that support and serve existing businesses, priority traded sectors and essential businesses, including the health care system and tourism. Region 6 seeks applications that optimize and strengthen supply-chains; bring real products to address critical shortages of goods and services to meet healthcare needs; and develop or expand transitional training programs to move those out of work into available employment opportunities.

The GO Virginia State Board also relaxed the current requirement of a 1:1 match for economic resiliency projects, reducing it to 2:1, and it waived the requirement for a local match of 20%. All these changes are immediate and are intended to help generate projects that can implement quickly to help begin recovery.

Funds may not be used for direct grants to businesses, to capitalize loan pools, or provide seed or other equity investments in firms. Funds may not be used to provide scholarships or to acquire real estate. This program is time limited, with an initial 12-month application window (April 18, 2021) unless extended by the GO Virginia State Board. *This program was extended to June 30, 2022*

How have these funds been used around the State?

  • Setting up an internship program for lab techs (VT Workforce Training, COVID-19 Response)
  • Building a website focused on technical assistance and reopening guidance for small businesses (Forward RVA)
  • Support and upskill un/underemployed workers with free COVID-related and skills training to help businesses succeed by ensuring employees are well trained and able to address COVID related issues, while allowing the sectors to rebound more quickly (Virginia Restaurant and Hotel Workforce COVID Recovery and Upskilling Program)

Key Program Activities

  • Reevaluate priorities in Growth & Diversification plans
  • Prioritize identified industry targets based on immediate impact and influence on the regional economy
  • Assess community & business needs
  • Focus resources on actionable strategies that expand or build needed capacity and that support sustaining and expanding firms in targeted industry clusters and/or highly-impacted locally traded sectors as identified by the Region One Council

Program Strategies

  • Expanding regional capacity to coordinate and deliver business support services such as access to financing
  • Accessing and utilizing the internet for e-commerce to increase sales
  • Identifying and connecting critical suppliers of goods and services to reduce service and production disruptions
  • Expanding workplace health and sanitation activities to support continuity of operations or return-to-work efforts
  • Maintaining and managing a remote workforce to keep people employed and productive
  • Developing new industry-aligned on-the-job training program that would meet critical need
  • Expanding existing training programs that have been identified as mission-critical
  • Facilitating job/training program placement in partnership with existing employer or workforce intermediary needs
  • Providing technical assistance to retain and/or support impacted employees

Local Participation

  • Must have two or more localities participate
  • Letters of support demonstrating meaningful participation (if no local match is provided)

*If local match is included, can be cash or in-kind.

Match Requirements

  • 2:1 Match
  • Non-state sources of revenue only
  • No local match required

*Relaxed match is active 4/18/2020 – 10/30/2020 on all GOVA applications. The relaxed match is ongoing for ERR projects through the life of the program.

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